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Aussie Owned & Manufactured


Fully Australian Owned
& Operated

GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family company. Our innovative planters are manufactured using the highest quality hydraulics, fittings, tubing, Australian steel. They have quickly become a favourite amongst farmers across the country.

Our History

Toowoomba Engineering was purchased in 2010, bringing their combined strengths across engineering and manufacturing, agronomy, farming, business and finance. Relationships with key players in the agricultural sector led the company to undertake an intense research and development program aimed at solving agronomic challenges faced by Australian farmers.

In 2014, the team made a major breakthrough for planting machinery that integrates precision technology with tyne planting row units. This is a world first! The success led to Toowoomba Engineering starting its own agriculture division branded GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture.


Superior Planting System

​The GROUND BREAKER Precision Planters bring Toowoomba Engineering's patented tyne technology together with the very latest in global precision technology and innovative engineering design into a superior planting system. This technology provides farmers with control over applications in variable conditions such as soil type, moisture and nutrient levels.

In addition, the integration of precision technology with tractor software provides farmers with an advanced, 'whole of crop' cycle monitoring system. This technology is at the very forefront of the precision agriculture technology revolution and is creating massive opportunities for farmers to enjoy the benefits of precision farming practices in a wider range of cropping situations.

World Leaders in Precision Planting Technology

Agriculture is moving quickly into the digital age and as a manufacturer of quality precision planters, we strive to provide quality solutions accordingly. Farmers are now searching for machinery that will optimise the seeding and planting process, reduce costs and increase yield and crop quality. We rigorously test new technologies for precision, accuracy, durability and quality.

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